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We are Command Canine.

We exist to create a higher standard in the dog training industry by focusing on the specific needs of your dog and creating the best possible experience for you.  

Our Training Philosophy


We all just want our dogs to be happy and well behaved. 

Ensuring your dog is in the proper frame of mind is the most critical aspect of dog training. This is the foundation that all learning must be built upon. Without it, standard training will only temporarily mask problems that will almost certainly resurface in the future.


Your experience with Command Canine will start with a Behavioral expert. They have the experience and knowledge that will help you gain a deeper understanding of your dogs needs.   


We will determine if they have a deeper lying issue that requires true Behavior Modification (Mind) or if they need to be taught Obedience skills inside and outside of your home (Manners)


We want to understand your lifestyle and the specific goals for you and your dog. We then build a custom plan for your needs. 

Our Business Philosophy

We exist to set a new standard in the industry: to pair the most effective training methods with outstanding customer service.  We focus on ensuring the best experience for your dog, and the best customer experience for you!




We recognize there is so much information about dog training that it can lead to confusion for dog owners.  

We seek to understand your dogs needs and apply the specific training method that will work best for them.

We will raise the bar of professionalism within the industry.  We aim to provide the best possible customer experience of any service-based company in the country.  

There is no 'one size fits all' method.

Training has to be customized to each dog.

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