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In-Home Lessons

We come to you! We teach you how to work with your dog in the comfort of your own home or a public space.

How it works

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One of our experienced trainers will come to your home usually about once a week (depending on your schedule).  We work with your dog, and more importantly, teach you how to work with your dog.  Between each lesson, you'll practice each new skill with your dog so that we can build upon each lesson and help you reach your goals! 

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More Details

  • First, you'll speak with an experienced evaluator so we can learn more about your dog and your goals. 

  • You'll select the service plan that fits your needs.

  • Our team develops a customized plan that fits your needs.

  • An experienced trainer will come to your house once per week.

  • We give you "homework" between each lesson. 

  • You'll work with your dog daily between each lesson.

  • Contact your trainer during the week for any questions.

  • View our Frequently Asked Questions

Are In-Home Lessons right for you? 

In-Home Lessons are best if you have the ability to work with your dog consistently between each lesson. 


Every dog is different.  Our trainers determine which techniques would be best for your dog.  We work with your dog and show you exactly how to work with your dog between each lesson.  However, in order to see the best results, you'll need to work with your dog at least once a day for 30 minutes.   


Our In-Home Lessons Geography:

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Packages for Mind and Manners Lessons

MIND Packages

Behavior modification

*starting at $550


3 Lesson Plan

5 Lesson Plan 

8 Lesson Plan 

Manners Packages

Obedience training

*starting at $700


5 Lesson Plan

8 Lesson Plan 

12 Lesson Plan 

Financing options available via PayPal Credit

Interested in Lessons?

Speak with an experienced trainer that can answer your questions and start developing your customized training plan today.

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