Welcome! I'm Chelsey and I am the Owner and Head Trainer of Command Canine!


I fell in love with animals, specifically cats, at an early age. After attending college, I adopted my first dog, Stanley, and soon realized I needed help with his training. 


Throughout his training process, I grew more and more interested in the study of canine psychology and soon after, I switched up my career path and began leaning everything I could about dog training.  It gave my life a completely new purpose and I've never looked back.  


Since then I have studied under multiple trainers, learning a variety of techniques and philosophies, which has allowed me to be much more versatile.  Dogs are not all the same, and no single training method works for every circumstance.  


After years of studying, Command Canine was formed. We use a variety of techniques that help us adapt to each individual dog.


I take my experience, expertise and passion and create a customized plan for each dog by understanding specific goals and expectations of each client and delivering results in a consistent and professional manner.


If you're lucky, you may even catch Stanley tagging along to one of our lessons showing you boys and girls how it's done!

Interested in apprenticeship or employment opportunities?