Our Philosophy

Just like humans, not all dogs learn the same. At Command Canine we use a variety of methods including classical and operant conditioning, non-associative learning, counter conditioning, and clicker training.

We use relationship-building training to assess, enrich and build a mutual relationship that stems from trust, respect, and love. We help owners build a bond with their dog by finding the root of the behaviors and training the dog as a whole, instead of giving effortless ways to mask the problems. We reward dogs' good behaviors with treats, toys, and praise; which motivates them to habitually make good decisions!


Chelsey Headshot_edited.jpg
Founder - Head Trainer

After starting her career in the restaurant business with culinary and management degrees, Chelsey decided to follow her passion by immersing herself with dog training and canine psychology. Chelsey attended schooling and hands on training for 2 years under the tutelage of two different top rated training programs - working with hundreds of dogs.  

Since then Chelsey has pushed herself to continuously learn different training techniques and  philosophies.  In the 7 years that she has been training dogs, she has been exposed to virtually every training method, understanding (through experience) which techniques are most effective for each scenario.  


Her experience and exposure to a wide variety of training methods give us the ability to customize training plans based upon each client’s specific needs.  This custom approach has paved the way for Command Canine to become the highest-rated Dog Training company in the area.  


But don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying…..

Tony Marino pic.png
Co-Owner - General Manager

Tony has a vast experience building serviced-based companies. He has founded and grown two companies in the medical industry, providing hospital systems with solutions to improve efficiencies within their OR.  By challenging the status quo of the medical industry, he was able to create new solutions, previously never attempted. 


After years of building his own companies, he decided to join Chelsey in helping her create a new standard in the dog training industry. He’s passionate about focusing on the customer experience, and ensuring processes are in place that ensure the best possible outcome for you and your dog.