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Our Team




Head Trainer/Behavior Specialist 

Chelsey decided early in her career to follow her love for dogs and studied dog training and canine psychology. Chelsey attended schooling and hands-on training for 2 years under the tutelage of two different top rated training programs - being exposed to a wide variety of dogs and behaviors. She quickly recognized that some dogs need more than basic obedience and started immersing herself into behavior modification where she perfected more advanced techniques to help address behavioral issues.  

For 8 years she has pushed herself to becoming an expert in many different training methods in order to be able to effectively manage more difficult cases, such as: counter conditioning, desensitization, habituation, Behavior Adjustment Training, Constructional Aggression Treatment, LAT Protocol, Relaxation Protocols, TBTE Triad Protocols, confidence boosting techniques, stress coping mechanisms and Cooperative Care for Vet visits and groomer handling.




Tony has vast experience building serviced-based companies. He has founded and grown two companies in the medical industry, helping hospital systems improve efficiencies within their OR. By challenging the status quo of the medical industry, he was able to create new solutions, previously never attempted. 


After years of building his own companies, he joined Chelsey in helping her create a new standard in the dog training industry. He’s passionate about focusing on the customer experience, and ensuring processes are in place that create the best possible outcome for you and your dog. 



Behavior Specialist

Being a Behavior Specialist for over 20 years, Rebecca has seen and worked with almost every imaginable scenario in dog training.  She loves working with dogs that have tried “every other option” and yet still seem to be “stuck” in their bad behaviors. Before joining Command Canine, Rebecca had her own business for 15 years, working with dogs from all over the country. She worked with some extremely challenging cases, including working with one of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick and rehabilitating him into a therapy dog.


“I don’t believe there are bad dogs, just bad behaviors. All behavior is moldable, they just need to be taught how.” Rebecca is also actively the Behavior Specialist for a Great Dane rescue - training all of the foster parents and adoptive parents in order to start the dogs down the path of rehabilitation. Today she lives with her husband and dog "Buckley" on a farm in Mooresville. When she isn’t working with dogs, Rebecca is working with her other passions; working with veterans and tutoring disadvantaged children.


Behavior Specialist

Bill has been training dogs over over 15 years.  Prior to joining our team, Bill owned and operated the largest dog training, daycare and boarding company in New England for more than 10 years.  Before that he trained dogs in Miami and Naples, Florida.  During his career, he has studied under some of the country's most prominent dog trainers and has been educated in all areas of dog training.  He even holds a Veterinary Behavioral Certification.  

"My goal is to help change the perception of how people communicate with their dog.  I love seeing people experience the "lightbulb moment" when things start to click, and a new type of communication and bond is realized."  



Obedience Specialist

Justine started her career in the dental field, working closely with children and adults.  However, after seeing how dog training dramatically improved her relationship with her own dogs, she became obsessed with learning more about dog behavior and psychology. She decided to turn her passion into a career. After training and working with dog training companies, Justine eventually started her own dog training business, focusing on basic and advanced obedience. Joining Command Canine allows Justine to focus on doing what she loves most, while having a strong team to support her. 


"I love to see the expression of my clients face when they see the change in their dog's behavior. It reminds me what got me into this industry in the first place. It makes me so happy to help people experience that same feeling I felt when they start a new relationship and bond with their dog."



Obedience Specialist

Dakota graduated from UNCC, where she had an amazing collegiate athletic and academic career.  She spent a lot of her time competing in multiple sports such as gymnastics, softball and baseball.  She even competed at the Junior USA Nationals for Olympic Weightlifting and made the USA Women’s National Team Trials roster for Baseball. On top of all of that, she majored in Sociology where she became immersed in the understanding of social behaviors.  As her studies continued, she became interested in combining her knowledge of social behaviors and her love for animals, specifically dogs. Dakota has been able to apply her education of how we all learn in order to provide a great perspective to Command Canine.


“There are so many advantages to understanding the human brain and how it compares to how dogs learn. I look forward to providing proven training techniques and the best methods to give the best experience for our clients.” Dakota still spends a lot of her free time playing sports when she’s not being around her family, friends, and of course her husky, Jax.  

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Thanks to our fantastic clients spreading the word about Command Canine,

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We are currently looking for Dog Trainers in the Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC areas.  

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