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Join Our Team

We are ready to bring on additional team members to help us develop a larger footprint, allowing us to help more people build a stronger relationship with their dogs!

We are currently looking for Dog Trainers in the Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC areas.  

Our Vision

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It's an exciting time for the dog training industry.  Now, more than ever, more people are recognizing the value of having their dog trained by an experienced professional.  While it's great to see the industry grow, we also recognize there is a need to ensure the highest level knowledge and professionalism in order to keep the trend heading in the right direction.


Too often, dog owners have a negative experience with training because their trainer may have a "one-size-fits-all" training method that isn't effective for the individual situation.  Additionally, the customer experience is often overlooked, which can leave people feeling that processes are disorganized and the company is unprofessional.

Our vision is to elevate the standard of service for our clients and their dogs.  We are passionate about truly understanding what each dog and their owners need.  We believe that not all dogs learn the same, and we have the experience and the knowledge to assess each dog to their specific needs.  We focus on helping our clients truly understand the underlying causes that are impacting their dog so they can establish a better connection with their dog, and have a happier relationship.  And we know that conducting ourselves with professionalism and integrity needs to be upheld at all times in order to establish ourselves as an market leader, and raise the overall standard for the industry as a whole.  

A Different Kind of Career

It's extremely gratifying to earn a living doing something you love to do.  Working with dogs is fun, and making a positive impact on peoples lives is extremely rewarding.  But beyond the challenging and exciting daily activities of training dogs and working with clients, we are passionate about helping our employees grow professionally and succeed financially.  We are experienced in growing and scaling teams, and have seen the positive impact it has created for our team members.    


The most exciting part of leading a company is developing the people on our team. As Command Canine grows over the next few years, so too will the opportunities grow for our employees.  If you are passionate about dogs, and want to have the opportunity to develop your dog training skills as well as professional experience, we want to speak with you.  We are looking for our company's future leaders.

We are currently looking for Dog Trainers in the Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC areas.  

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