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Board & Train Programs

We do the work!  Your dog will stay with a professional and experienced trainer in a comfortable home environment, not a kennel. 


Our Trainers only take 1-2 dogs at a time. Your dog gets more 1-on-1 attention, resulting in the best possible outcome. 

We have multiple packages for both Mind and Manners.

(starting at $1,295)


1 Week Program

2 Week Program 

3 Week Program 


What to Expect

  • You will speak with one of our Behavior Specialists for an assessment of your dog. 

  • We’ll help determine the cause of the unwanted behaviors and develop a customized plan that considers your dog's needs as well as your goals and lifestyle.

  • You'll select a Board and Train program to match your goals.

  • You drop off your dog off with us and let one of our experienced trainers work with your dog.

  • Track your dog’s progress through our online Portal.

  • Chat with your trainer, receive daily messages, pictures and videos showing your dog learning.

Also Included:

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Comprehensive Go-Home Lesson

Upon the completion of the Board and Train, we’ll give you a thorough lesson, reviewing all the skills covered throughout the program. Additionally, we'll show you how to communicate with your dog going forward. We'll also coach you as you practice working with your dog on each skill.

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Dog Owner Survival Guide

There will be a lot of new information for you to remember. Therefore, we provide you with our Dog Owner Survival Guide. It is packed with knowledge that goes over everything we covered in the training as well as the best ways to communicate with your dog moving forward.

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Follow Up Lessons

Depending on your program, you'll receive follow up lessons. We found it's best to let you get into the groove with your dog after the Go-Home Lesson. THEN we come and review everything and help with any specific questions, and provide you with additional guidance over the course of the Follow Up lessons.

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Continuous Support

You will have continuous access to your trainer and the Command Canine team. We will always be available to answer any questions you may have about the Board and Train program. 

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Tools & Equipment

2 & 3 Week Programs - Depending on your program, collars/leashes (that you'll keep) needed for the training program are included with the cost of the program.  (About a $250 value)

Every package comes with access to our online portal and Command Canine app.


our online client portal


track progress

on our app

Ready to get started? Speak with our team!

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