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Case Studies and Success Stories

Examples of dogs and their behavior assessments, as well as the outcomes.



Hobbs is a 16 month old Rottweiler that came in after several trainers refused to work with him because of his aggression.

Presented With: Resource guarding the bed and objects that aren't his (socks, paper towels), reactive to dogs on leash, aggressive to humans - has bitten owners and their friends and family multiple times.


Services We Provided: 2 week obedience board and train for obedience and a lesson program afterwards to build bond with the owners, work on resource guarding, reactivity to dogs and aggressiveness with humans.


Outcome: Owners feel confident with Hobbs obedience - he can Place when guests come in the home, they both can walk him on leash in neighborhood and in public, he can "leave it" on command, as well as sit/stay/down. Resource guarding is completely managed and under control. No incidences since we addressed it. Hobbs is no longer reactive on leash, but is now able to walk around dogs, and play off leash with dogs. Owners have excellent management in place for human reactivity and are actively helping Hobbs get more confident meeting the right humans. No new incidences. 

Flotus is a six year old, Labrador/Hound mix that came to us for severe hyper-alertness and leash aggression.

Presented With: Leash aggression to every dog and occasionally towards people, barrier aggression, hyper-alertness constantly - even inside the house, barking, and no engagement with owners.


Services We Provided: 12 in-home lessons focusing on owner engagement and bond, building confidence around dogs and people on the leash, teaching relaxation techniques to help hyper-alertness, desensitizing noises, dogs, and people, and basic obedience.


Outcome: Flotus is now an active learner and is incredibly engaged with her owners. She is walking on leash perfectly and makes good choices when she sees dogs and people. She is no longer reactive or aggressive, on or off leash. She is calmer throughout her day and no longer on alert from every noise or movement around her. 





Sailor is a 14 month old Goldendoodle that came to us for Obedience and Recall training.

Presented With: Energetic and disobedient, running up to dogs walking by while in her yard, pulling on the leash.


Services We Provided: 9 obedience lessons focusing on engagement with owners to build respect, leash manners, impulse control, yard boundaries, off leash remote collar work for parks and neighborhood walks.


Outcome: Sailor is now able to be off leash in her front yard and her owners don't need to worry about her wanting to run up to every dog that passes by. They can walk her on and off leash. She doesn't jump on guests, stays in Place when they come to the door, and they are now able to walk Sailer in public places like Lowes and Birkdale village.

Maddie is a six month old German Shepherd puppy that tried (and failed) with a positive reinforcement trainer.

Presented With: Energetic and disobedient, destroying the house, jumping, leash pulling, and being easily overstimulated.


Services We Provided: Obedience lessons focusing on impulse control, leash walking, home obedience (Place, leave it), enrichment techniques for mental stimulation.


Outcome: Maddie now lives on the beach and her owners are confident to have her play and run off leash. She listens to them when they ask something of her without protesting, she is polite when meeting new people or having guests over.





Griffey is a four month old terrier mix that came in for fearfulness and some aggression.

Presented With: Socialization with dogs, fearfulness of people and dogs, aggressiveness with meeting new dogs, insecure leaving the house for walks.


Services We Provided: Obedience lessons focusing on confidence building, desensitizing to dogs and people, leash walking.


Outcome: Griffey is now able to walk on a leash confidently in his neighborhood and anywhere new, he loves exploring and trying new things, he is more confident with people coming into his house, he is able to play extremely well off leash with multiple dogs.

Bennie is a young, rescued brindle Pit/Boxer mix that needed help with his socialization skills with other dogs.

Presented With: Socialization with dogs, played way too hard with dogs and would cause fights with his lack of impulse control and "in your face" play style. Also, basic obedience manners inside the house and leash walking.


Services We Provided: 2 week board and train focusing on proper dog socialization, recall at dog park, impulse control, leave it, Place, and leash walking


Outcome: Bennie is told by neighbors that he is the best boy in the neighborhood. He plays excellently with dogs of all personality types, sizes, and ages. His dad reports that he makes friends everywhere he goes. He walks great on the leash as well.



More Success Stories

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