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Understand their Mind

Change their Manners

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Train your dog to stand out for the right reasons

Dog Training Tailored To Your Dog's Needs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes.  So do their needs. 


It's critical to understand your dog's needs before starting any kind of training.

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Manners: Teaching obedience skills    


Mind: Addressing behavioral issues


Most dogs need a mixture of both.  Find out what is best for your dog.


What do you need help with?

Start by understanding if your dog needs obedience training (Manners), behavior modification (Mind), or both.


Behavior Modification


Address the root cause of your dog’s behavioral problems.

Obedience Training


Eliminate bad habits and learn new skills: heel, sit, place, etc.

    Aggression to humans/dogs


    Separation anxiety


    Fear of new people/places


    Stop pulling on the leash

    Stop barking at other dogs/people

    Stop jumping/nipping/biting

    Learn commands like 'heel', 'place', 'sit'

    Learn to come back when called


Not sure what you need?  Let us help! Contact us to speak with our specialists. 

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Dog Training Course

Private Lessons

(For Adult Dogs)

Work with an experienced dog trainer  1-on-1 from the comfort of your home.

Our Services

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Get Trained Now

Board and Train
(For Adult Dogs)

Have your dog stay with us where they will learn in a loving, home environment, similar to your home. 

Expert Dog Training

Initial Training 
(For Puppies)

Establish good habits early on. Ensure your pup grows into a happy and well-behaved dog.

Getting Started is Free and Easy

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Step 1

Sign up for a free consultation. 

Speak with our experienced Behavioral Expert.  We learn about your dog's unique personality.  

Step 2

We create a customized plan for your dog.

We customize a plan that matches your dog's needs as well as your specific goals.  

Step 3

Let's get to work! 

We work with you and your dog in order to get the results you want.  

Speak with our specialist.

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Our Training Method

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Dogs HAVE to be taught both YES and NO, but in the right way. 


We teach them YES by using positive reinforcement techniques such as food, treats, marker training and playing games to help them understand what we want them to do. 


Then we teach them NO by introducing minor corrections in order to set boundaries. This can be done with a wide variety of tools; slip leads, prong collars, vibration collars and e-collars.  We are highly trained in all methods and teach you how to use them safely and effectively, and most importantly, in a way that isn't harsh to your dog.


We use a mixture of behavioral techniques as well as obedience training in order to tailor the perfect training program for your dog.  

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

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